[FOLDIO360] My DSLR is working, but it skips some of photos.

It usually happens when your camera image processing time takes long time while Foldio360 keep rotating and sending signals. You can set the following conditions to solve the issue.

1. Foldio360 app setting

1) Rotation speed
Lower the rotation speed to 1x to earn the time for your camera processing.

2) IR remote delay.
It will help your camera to have more time by setting the delay time. Normally, it’s 0.5 sec. You can set it 5.0 sec or higher depending on the situations.
Please check here for more information.

2. Camera setting

1) Lower image quality.
Higher image requires more time to process the image. Please set the image quality to S1 quality around 6.5M. It will help camera to work faster.

Updated on January 17, 2018

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