[FOLDIO360] DSLR camera connection issue

My DSLR camera is not working

IR mode support

First of all, your DSLR camera should have the IR remote mode. It means your camera needs to work with a wireless remote controller, because most of the remote controllers use the IR signals.

DSLR camera compatibility & Remote mode setting


IR communication can be disturbed if there is something between the camera and Foldio360.
Please make sure that there are any obstacles between the camera and Foldio360.%ec%82%ac%eb%b3%b8img_2778_2


Signal update

If your camera has IR remote mode and there isn’t a obstacle to disturb the signal between the camera and Foldio360 turntable, there is a chance that your camera doesn’t support the current signal. Then you can choose another signal on the Foldio360 application.

1. Touch “select camera brand” tab on DSLR mode of the Foldio360 application.
2. Swipe down and touch “Update camera list” button.
3. Then you can check all signals we set recently.
4. Test each signal to find the right one for your camera.
For example, you can test CANON-1 and CANON-2 signals if you use a CANON camera.


*It is available to add new IR signals from our side. Please let us know if your camera doesn’t work with all signals on the list.
Please visit DSLR connection inquiry section to submit this issue.

My DSLR camera is working, but it skips some photos during the rotation.

It means that the image processing speed of your camera is slower than the Foldio360’s rotation speed. In other words, it means communication failed, because the Foldio360 keeps rotating and sending IR signals while the camera is processing the previous images.

In this case, you can adjust some factors to improve the image process speed of your camera or increase the IR remote delay time on the Foldio360 app.

Camera Lens Focus

Change the lens Focus mode from AF to MF.

Settings -> DSLR -> IR remote delay

IR remote delay function slows down the IR signal sending and rotation speed to allow your camera have a time for the previous image processing.


Foldio360 turntable rotation speed

Lower the rotation speed.


Image data size

Decrease the image data size on your camera menu. 5MB data size or S1 size setting would be good. It will also help to decrease the image processing time.

Updated on January 23, 2018

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