[FOLDIO360] MODE 1 : Smartphone mode

Control panel



  1. Brightness : Change the brightness. You can also change it by swiping the screen up and down.
  2. Color temperature : Change the color temperature. You can also change it by swiping the screen left and right.
  3. Grid : It helps to set the subject on the center of screen.
  4. Horizontal axis : It helps to check the horizontal balance.
  5. Help : Help center


  1. Speed : Rotation speed. x3 rotation speed is used generally for the smartphone mode.
  2. Frame : Choose the total number of photos. 24, 36, 48 frame are available. We recommend 24 or 36 frame setting for sharing online.
  3. Halo Edge : Control the Halo Edge light brightness. It helps you to create a clean image with camera brightness function.
  4. Rotate left : Rotate the turntable to left direction.
  5. Rotate right : Rotate the turntable to right direction.
Updated on February 1, 2019

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