[FOLDIO360] Smartphone connection issue

Bluetooth version

If your smartphone doesn’t have bluetooth function, there is no way to connect with the Foldio360.
Even though your smartphone has the bluetooth function, it should meet the following conditions.

– iOS 7.1 or higher / 4S or higher(4S,5,5S,5C,6,6+,6S)
– Android 5.0 or higher
– Smartphone with bluetooth 4.0 LE or higher
– Your smartphone must support BLE(Bluetooth LE or Bluetooth Low Energy).

Please visit here to check your smartphone’s bluetooth version.

Bluetooth pairing

You can’t connect the Foldio360 app on the bluetooth pairing page of your smartphone setting menu.
Since BLE technology doesn’t require bluetooth pairing process, the only thing you need to do is to launch the Foldio360 application.
Then it will find the Foldio360 turntable and you can select it to connect. It will connect the Foldio360 tunrtable automatically when you launch this app.

Please check here for more information about bluetooth connection.

Updated on January 17, 2018

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