[FOLDIO360] MODE 2 : DSLR camera mode

DSLR compatibility check

Recommended DSLR camera

– Canon EOS 5D Mark II / EOS 5D Mark III / EOS 5D Mark IV / EOS 6D Mark II
– Zoom Lens : 24-70L / 24-105L


Choose your DSLR camera brand. ( CANON, NIKON, PENTAX, SONY )

CANON camera

CANON-1 / CANON-2 signal

NIKON camera

1) IR remote mode available

NIKON-1 / NIKON-2 signal

2) IR remote mode not available, but ML-3 remote set compatible


More information : ML-3 Compact Modulite Remote set compatible


PENTAX-1 / PENTAX-2 signal


SONY signal


Click “CONNECTION TEST” to test the IR connection between your DSLR camera and Foldio360 turntable.


IR signal update

If it doesn’t work, scroll down the “SELECT BRAND CAMERA LIST” and click “UPDATE CAMERA LIST” at the bottom to update the IR signals.


Control panel


  1. Speed : Rotation speed. Choose the rotation speed depending on your DSLR camera image processing performance.
  2. Frame : Choose the total number of photos. 24, 36, 48 frame are available. We recommend 24 or 36 frame setting for sharing online.
  3. Halo Edge : Control the Halo Edge light brightness. It helps you to create a clean image with camera brightness function.
  4. Rotate left : Rotate the turntable to left direction.
  5. Rotate right : Rotate the turntable to right direction.

If your camera is not compatible with Foldio360, you can still use your camera. Please check here.
DSLR manual mode
DSLR video mode

Trouble shooting

DSLR camera compatibility
Remote mode setting
IR signal communication issue

Updated on June 25, 2018

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