[SPINZAM] Upload 360 image to Spinzam


You can upload the 360 image from your smartphone to Spinzam after taking photos with SMARTPHONE MODE.

  1. Visit Foldio360 gallery after taking photos with the Foldio360 app.upload_1
  2. Choose a 360 image to upload to SPINZAM.upload_2
  3. Click “Upload” icon.
    Enter title, tag, description to introduction your 360 image.
    Promote your website and product using this function.
    You can set the privacy setting here also.

DSLR camera

You can upload the image sources from your camera to Spinzam to create the 360 image after taking photos with DSLR MODE.

  1. Connect your memory card to your PC after taking pictures with your DSLR camera.
  2. Visit SPINZAM, click “Upload” button after logging in.du_1du_2
  3. Click “Select files” button and choose the images you want to make a final 360 image.du_3
  4. Adjust the photo size.(Editing function will be added in the near future.)du_4
  5. Enter the description of your image.du_5
  6. Click “Upload” button to save.du_6
Updated on July 5, 2018

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